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Automotive heating wire antenna tempered glass

  Automotive heating wire antenna tempered glass,Silver paste is used in glass to print heat electricity lines.it is primarily to the back windshield, side-windows and have decorative function. After heating wire electrified, glass surface temperature will quickly reach 40 ℃ ~ 75 ℃, in the cold winter,it can eliminate condensation on the glass surface frost and fog, with all the advantages of tempered glass. also have GPS antenna, HCD, FM, AM receiving antenna and other functions.


Warm Tips:
1. Tempered glass surface or the edge of the damaged easily damage to the stress of tempered glass to cause bursting.Therefore, in order to avoid its edge in installation process impact by hardware, it is better do not make the surface be damage.
2. After the glass was toughened could not cutting, drilling and other processing.


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